Cowhide Rugs for Home Decor

Cowhide rugs will always be in decoration trends. For thousands of years, the tanning and later use of animal skins was practiced mostly for clothing and shelter building purposes. After the meat industry started to explode worldwide, cowhides became one of the most animal skins used in the shoe and decoration industry.

Cowhide rugs are not a result of animal cruelty, nor cattle is raised for its skin. Instead, a cowhide rug is a recycled byproduct of the meat industry and we, Curated Home Fashions, carefully source the best skins from tanneries that produce them in an ethical and sustainable manner.



Curated Home Fashion Cowhide Rugs

Curated – /kjʊ(ə)ˈreɪtəd/: Selected, organized and presented using professional or expert knowledge.
Home decor has a lot to do with personal preferences, nevertheless, getting some help from a professional, as in any discipline, will add knowledge and experience to your decision process. At Curated Home Fashions not only we select the best cowhide rugs, our interior designer takes into consideration home decor trends and styles where these curated cowhides match perfectly those styles and add value to our customer’s house.

You might find many websites offering cowhide rugs in Canada, although their quality could be good, for our interior designer “good” is not enough. The cowhide rugs that we have curated for our customers will fall in the luxury category. Are you sure how a cowhide rug should “smell”? How soft, long and bright should its hair be? What color or pattern will best fit your walls color and the rest of your home decor? These are just a few of the aspects our team looks for through the curation process, so you can buy a cowhide rug with confidence, Still not happy with the product received? Give us a call, we will exchange it or refund your money* (link hacia la politica de devoluciones)

Important Facts about Cowhide Rugs

To start, a cowhide (also called hair-on-hides) is a natural product. In fact, it is the skin of a cow and, as any animal raised in farms, some minor defects might be present. Scars, scratches, insect bites and fire marks are the most common natural “defects” present in a cowhide rug.

During our curation process, we do our best to select the “cleanest” hair-on-hide skins for you, but some of the mentioned marks might be present. For us, these are the natural beauty of a cowhide, this makes them unique, as no other cow skin will look exactly as another one.

The tanning process of cowhide rugs is made with a mix of chemical and vegetable agents so, initially, a hair-on-hide might have a slight odor. After a couple of weeks, this odor will be similar to how leather smells and after a couple of months in your house, it will be almost odorless.

Cowhides are hypoallergenic, yes, due to its natural origin, they will not cause allergies (or make them worse), regardless, it is good to keep them clean by regular vacuuming and, although they are also stain resistant, wipe it with a damp cloth if needed be.