Trendy Loungewear For All

Whether you’re seeking a summertime or winter look, Curated Home Fashions has the perfect trendy and comfortable loungewear to make your stay-at-home time enjoyable. With our amazing collection of hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, and socks, you can curl up with a book, catch your favorite show, or even get a good night’s sleep – all while feeling stylish.



Hoodies, Sweatshirts, socks and more!

You can find cheap sweatpants, sweatshirts, and socks from any store. However, we have gone above and beyond to research and curate high-quality products from emerging and thriving brands that offer reasonable prices. With our extensive knowledge, you are sure to find the perfect item for you!

Cozy loungewear with soft fabrics and great design

Looking for a cozy and comfortable way to sleep and stay at home? Our selection of cotton and cotton-blend products are perfect for you! Made from soft materials, these products will keep you cool and won’t disturb your sleep.

Whether you’re just chilling, working from home or doing errands, we’ve got a wide selection of stylish, relaxed pieces to suit your mood, the weather and wherever you are. 


Loungewear Trends

Nowadays when we talk about comfortable garments we refer to clothes that are easy to wear due to their looseness and the elasticity of the materials with which they are made. But if we go one step further, we discover that for our benefit and comfort, comfortable clothing has also been reinterpreted by fashion, giving rise to incredible, practical and modern trends with their own name. In Canada and the US we call it now, Loungewear.

Loungewear Styles

Sporty Chic: These are feminine and masculine looks that allow us to combine elegant and reinforced clothing with much more sporty garments, such as sweatshirts and sneakers, revealing an interesting contrast and with great acceptance between young people and adults.

Business Casual: This look is mostly suited to more formal work wear or office attire at a level closer to life outside of work and the office. It is professional attire but worn without a tie or suit jacket. A plain hoodie or a sweatshirt is widely accepted.

Baggy pants: These pants, which have been a trend since 2014 in Canada, are wide garments with an elastic waist that can be combined perfectly with a shirt during the day or with a top or bralettes at night, and they are a good one to be comfortable in moments of recreation and fun, or just to enjoy your time at home.

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