Grey Cowhide Rug

Beautiful Gray hair on hide Cowhide Rug. Perfect for modern and elegant rooms and dark floors!

We offer all our beautiful cowhides in a Large 6′ x 7′ (185 cm x 215 cm) size* and FREE shipping in Canada. (size can vary a couple of in/cm) 

CAD$ 320,00


Elegant and contemporary! those are the words that best describe a room decorated with a grey cowhide rug. Cowhides Rugs are becoming very popular in Canada and the United States as decor accents due to their versatility, durability, and stunning look and feel.

Grey cowhides can be perfectly combined in a minimalistic decoration style with strong neutral colors, bringing an exciting visual effect. Olgy Tinoco, our professional Interior Designer, recommends that when decorating with grey cowhides great attention needs to be put to the walls’ color and tone.  This can have a big impact on the look and mood of the room.

Our team of curators has chosen this product, the Grey Cowhide Rug, as a must-have for those home decor lovers. They have handpicked each one to make sure that you’ll receive a gray cowhide rug that will last a lifetime. Thanks to its fine processing, these hair-on-hide rugs are all free of chemical odors and showcase smooth and silky hairs.

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  1. curatedhome22

    It is just beautiful! I loved it! Thank you Olgy!

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