Zebra Print Cowhide Rug

Amazing stenciled cowhide rug. Show this magnificent hand-made rug with a zebra pattern in your living room, leaving your guests speechless.

We offer all our beautiful cowhides in a Large 6′ x 7′ (185 cm x 215 cm) size* and FREE shipping in Canada. (size can vary a couple of in/cm)

CAD$ 390,00


Natural cowhide rugs are beautiful but, a handmade zebra print cowhide is just insane! We have curated this product for you because it is a must-have when talking about cowhide rugs. A well-designed stencil zebra pattern and, a precise handmade printing process on a natural off-white cowhide, bring a natural and elegant look to this hair-on-hide.

A pure white color palette is advised for this product in order to achieve a luxurious and minimalistic home decor style in your room.

Remember, every cowhide rug is different, even from the same color pattern. there might be some minimal variations in tones and color distribution. Cowhide rugs are unique in essence. Thanks to its carefully-supervised production process, these cowhide rugs are all free of chemical odors and showcase smooth and silky hairs.

Additional information

Weight4 kg

6 x 7 feet


Zebra print




Contemporary, Modern


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